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Why is ‘commerical’ television still something that exists? It’s not to support ‘free’ television for the masses. Digital signals don’t carry and there aren’t the boosters needed to make sure content on ‘free’ television can reach the number of audiences that make ‘free’ commercial pay.

Long transitioned to pay to view cable or satellite or even subscribe on-line why are commercials still a staple of the audio/visual products served 24 hours a day 7 days a week. So many ways to collect revenue (make money) that if you have a ‘sponsor’ then of course you’ll make the time for the commercials.

Seeking sponsors then must be the way to continue to have a voice in the pay for view or even the ‘free’ broadcast world. Without compensation from the actual consumers the cable/satellite distributors and not getting payment from content subscribers we must need to keep commercials and commercial sponsors.

Published by Jack White

just another American citizen

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